A Simple Guide To Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Essential Oils

For this article, we are looking to discuss advantages and disadvantages of using essential oils. Although holistic industry is booming, we aren’t going to get into economics aspect of essential oils but rather from a holistic and health point of view. If you would like to know the history essential oils and their application then would recommend you check out this source [dcl=6025]

Advantages of essential oils:

  • Most Essential Oils are natural compounds extracted from plants. So there are no harmful chemicals added to the mix. There by giving it a complete holistic advantage.
  • They have been used historically for over 5,000 years, many different civilizations have used these e-oils for a variety of health conditions.
  • Ready available and simple. You don’t need prescription to get essential oils.
  • They are simple to use and don’t require expertise.
  • They can be applied in various forms such as lotion, oils (mixed with carrier oils), and diffusers and worn as jewelry.
  • They can be prepared in DIY projects for not just first aid but for preventative measure and house hold applications such as bug spray, room freshener, soaps and candles. If you would like to learn few recipes and DIY projects then read more here – [dcl=6025]
  • Essential oils are used widely as natural medicine but without the side effects of conventional drugs like aspirin and antibiotics.

Disadvantages of essential oils:

  • They do tend have some adverse effects on some people such as skin rashes, respiratory issues, watery eyes.
  • Some people find natural smell off putting.
  • There are no quality control or systemic regulation setup for essential oil industry.
  • They do tend to produce allergic reactions in some people.
  • Depending on the company, they tend to get expensive over a period time.

But overall, the advantages over weight the disadvantages of essential oils. There are some reservations about using conventional medicine, there are always alternative resources for people to explore. If you wish to learn more about this matter follow this link – [dcl=6025]


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